Scents Women Love On Their Men

Let’s face it, women can go crazy over a man’s scent. Whether you’ve got a hot date, or would like to attract that hot blonde colleague of yours from the office, investing in a good fragrance will make her cosy up to you.

When it comes to the rules of attraction, women follow their noses. No point looking all hot and buff if you stink of sweat. Below are five colognes you wouldn’t want to miss.

davidoff the game

The Game cologne by Davidoff

Davidoff’s The Game IS the game! As they say, life is a game, and you might as well play it with seduction with this fresh and manly scent. It’s a woody scent, which begins with the striking and effective note of sweet-smelling Jupiter berries, wrapped in Gin bubble accord for a burst of freshness. The heart note uncovers iris while the base note is a mix of suggestive vetiver and dark woods. Tempting and solid, The Game is a hands down champ!

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Why Are Memory Foam Mattresses So Popular?

If you were to walk into a mattress shop 5 years ago and ask for a memory foam mattress, the sales assistant might not have any inkling what you’re even talking about. Today however, memory foam mattresses are easily the most popular choice available. In the last few years, mattress technology has evolved quite a bit from the original spring mattresses. Foam alternatives, including memory foam, were proven to provide a higher level of support compared to spring ones.

memory foam

The surface of a memory foam mattress.

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What Insufficient Sleep Can Do To Your Body

foam pillows

Foam pillows are multi-purpose since almost anyone can use them effectively.

Lacking the proper sleep through the night will have an effect on our everyday lives, whether it be in the office or your studies. You can easily lose concentration whenever you do not have adequate sleep. The absence of sleep at night will never allow your entire body to repair on its own. The lack of sleep plays a part in severe migraines and elevated blood pressure levels. However, the most frequent and simplest cause is often a result of the improper form of pillow being utilized. The wrong pillow will never enable you to maintain your spine’s normal positioning when asleep. This explains all the tossing and turning that you experience through the night. Your pillow must always permit a slight tilting of the head.

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High Performance Coolers For Your Camping Trips

pelican progear

A Pelican Cooler

If you are going on a camping excursion, it is more than likely that you’d have to lug a cooler along with you. A cooler works with a type of insulating material inserted in between its interior and exterior wall structure to avoid the cold from escaping. The expression “cooler” is a bit baffling because the ice cooler alone does not cool the contents, but rather, maintains already cold contents at that temperature range. As such, you’ll have to be sure that the beverages or perhaps the water within the cooler are already cold before you place them in.

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Speakers Today Are Wireless And Portable

Gizmos of all types can be used within their wireless setting nowadays. Since just a couple of years back, wireless PC mice and also keyboards have become accessible. Audio systems are following suit. For such purposes, the actual Bluetooth technology is among the most reputable and also commonly preferred alternatives. It doesn’t matter whether the operating system is actually manufactured by Android or perhaps Apple, there is no difference right here mainly because all of them have the Bluetooth connectivity available. There is a huge number of options in relation to choosing a set of wireless portable speakers and thus, you should consider every one of the aspects before deciding on any one of these. Bluetooth wireless speakers almost always include a maximum connection range of 12 meters in relation to its wireless connectivity but this can vary for certain speakers. As an example, the iLuv SmashBox has been said to have a connection range of 12 meters but in reality, the quality of the audio will start to degrade at around 6 meters and occasionally more so if there are any obstructions between the connecting units. Additionally, there are speakers that could emit the perfect quality of sound although the range has gone past the 12 meters mark. One excellent case in point could be Braven series.

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Gamers Voted Logitech G700S Wireless As 2014’s Best Gaming Mouse

Logitech G700sMany gamers have claimed that one of the top performing gaming mice is the Logitech G700 but is that truly the case? I owned a G700 myself just a couple of months ago before I switched it out for another. I just couldn’t get used to the bulkiness despite trying hard to like it. There are also a couple of other features that I didn’t find appropriate to be present on a gaming mouse. After all, I spent almost $80 on it and I didn’t want the money to go to waste. Indeed, I played the entire Battlefield 3 game and even tried using it for a couple of FPS games like Max Payne but it just doesn’t do well at all. I do admit that it was pretty dumb of me not to test it out extensively before moving ahead with the purchase but the online reviews of this particular gaming mouse was really good.

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Identifying The Best Record Player For Vinyl Enthusiasts

old record playerLearning about how every single record player has diverse features, particularly in relation to the vital elements in it, can help significantly in the person’s selection of the ideal turntable. A general comprehension of the way a turntable produces music is going to be helpful. Within the most fundamental terms, a record player generates music as soon as the stylus is placed on the vinyl and it starts off spinning. Every single groove over a record will be miniature in width and therefore, the stylus needs to be gently positioned on the vinyl and the alignment of the tonearm has to be accurate in order to avoid scratching the surface.

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Thinking About Raising Chickens? Think Again

chicken coopThere are several explanations why a person may want to rear chickens. Perhaps they wish to sell away the eggs and create a steady cash flow. There are actually those health aficionados who are searching for options to the commercially developed products that are believed to be detrimental to their long-term health and wellbeing. Although these may sound appealing, you ought to be willing to be completely focused in order to see any results from this.

One of the biggest considerations to contemplate here is definitely the portion where you build a coop. You’ll probably need a proper set of chicken coop plans (some of which can be found here: when doing this. When you’re building a chicken coop, make sure that it is adequately comfy and also clean. Without an ideal surrounding, the production of high-quality chicken eggs and the reproduction of your chickens might be significantly stunted. It’ll also be best if you clear out the coop often so that their waste can be gotten rid of.

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Getting Rid Of Bugs In Your House: How To Stop An Infestation

Identifying the kind of pests that you have to manage should be your very first measure in eliminating them. Ideally, before you purchase or even rent a property, do not ignore this probable complication. A freshly established bug nest inside or right outside your house is more likely here. Hunting for the nests will not be a good idea due to the fact that they are often very difficult to locate. Bug nests are commonly constructed in the cracks in the wall surfaces, the floor or at dark sites whereby human activity is minimum. If you have a deserted shed or maybe a section of the residence such as the attic room which is almost never utilized, the likelihood is that some pest could have made that spot its home already. Consequently you’ll need to continually clear up any mess lying about or just keep a nice and clean atmosphere simply because that will prevent any bugs from establishing their homes there. To stop a bug or pest infestation from spreading further, I’d suggest taking a look at

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My Weekend Project: Learning How To Build A Chicken Coop

building a chicken coopChicken coops can be great projects to invest your time in. You wouldn’t run out of eggs anytime soon and you could also harvest the meat for your daily meals if you wish. For this, you might have decided to build a chicken coop from ground up. Is this really a wise idea? You bet it is. In fact, this is actually the most common plan of action. If it is productive, you can then consider broadening it or perhaps constructing new ones. Additionally there is the option of getting readily created coops to avoid wasting yourself the time and effort expected to build up one. Numerous coops can be found just about anywhere by any means and you might often get excellent offers when you search diligently enough. Chicken coops are often created in a number of methods and all of them can have varying dimensions. You should think about the principal aim of this undertaking of yours before heading on and get a coop. Could this be simply a pastime you’re seeking or do you plan on turning it into something larger?

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The Ultimate Gaming Monitor: Dell, Samsung Or Asus?

Whilst I was browsing the internet 2 days ago looking for a new monitor for the custom-built PC I just assembled last week, I found that there were tons of options on the market. Just in case you’re interested in what I’ve built, these are my PC specs:

  • I5-3570K 3.4 ghz (can be safely overclocked to 4 ghz)
  • Asus GTX 670
  • 2 x 4 GB Corsair RAM 1600 mhz
  • 128 GB Sandisk SSD
  • Asus motherboard (can’t really remember the model)
  • Edifier E3100 speakers
  • Razer DeathAdder 2013 mouse and a SteelSeries mousepad
  • Standard Logitech keyboard
  • Samsung 2233SW monitor (which I’m looking to replace)

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